Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Duper Pooper Tuesday

I have plenty more thoughts on the whole concept of blogging, but I guess they will hold for another day. One of them, that stands out right now is whether or not the whole concept that blogging might be nothing more than self-satisfaction. Who reads web logs anyway? Probably only those who are steered to them by friends and family. And maybe not even then! It would be interesting for a complete stranger, passing by, reading my stuff to offer a comment (hint hint). Even if for no other reason that to indicate someone might be reading this. But then again, do I really care? I hit "publish" and I am now a "published author". (Reference back to my comments about the devaluation of the word "publish".) What's the commitment I have made? I have the computer, the internet connection, and I clicked on to "Blogger", and off I went. Didn't face editors, very little self editing, save for what I do as I write, and no real financial or time commitment, just the time spent at the keyboard right now. Well, I said I wouldn't go too far into the subject, but I guess I already did. (And yes, I could have erased all and started over.... but why?)

I have to wonder why we, as voters complain about our politicians taxing us to the hilt. After all, we have just given them millions on millions to get elected, and then we expect them to stop spending our hard earned money once they get in office????

As a life-long political junkie, I have become as disinterested and burned out as I have ever been this year. Seems like nothing else in the world is happening except the election. There are some pundits who claim the 2008 race began right on the heels of the 2004. And maybe they were right, it sure feels like they are going on and on and on. When I finish this, I go cast my vote as I head out for the day's stuff. I guess I have a candidate in mind, but no one that I am the least bit excited about. And worse yet, half of my vote cast is against the other side! So my vote today is as much about who I feel can beat the other guy in the other party than who I genuinely feel will lead the country best! Is that any way to run a democracy?

A lot has been made in the media about this "Super Tuesday" being on the heels of the Super Bowl. (On a side note, am I obligated to pay the NFL a royalty for using the term "Super Bowl"? Those who are scratching their heads about that question, I suggest you use the "comments" line to inquire.) The great Winston Churchill has was credited with this fine quote: "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government exept all the others that have been tried."

But what can be said of a democracy that is driven by marketing and advertising, and not concepts, ideas, ideals, and a genuine display of desire to make the country better? Instead, we are treated to a veritable slug-fest of impugning one person's record, or spinning that record, or or making up not only the record but the agenda for what that person will or won't do.

We read in our history books that the Lincoln vs. Douglas debates were equally rife with mud as today's. Maybe so, but I would really doubt it. Or maybe we can blame the much fast moving electronic media for exploding things more rapidly than in the days of the Civil War. Who know, it has just tired me out, and I want the whole election to be over, and frankly, I am not even sure I care who wins at this point. I guess it is a matter of who will grab my hard-earned money faster... because in the end, we all end up paying well over our "fair share".

(Another funny side note: Over dinner, my lovely wife and I were discussing this whole mess, and she referenced the drive for independence of our great country. The idea of "no taxation without representation". And you know what the tax rate was? About 2%.)

Well, off to go hold my nose at the voting booth.

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